Connected through shared experience.

About Us

Henderson Rowe has been a trusted voice with UK investors since 2002. Our experience of growing from a niche manager to a global firm has helped us better understand the challenges faced by many of our entrepreneurial clients along their own journeys. In fact, these shared lessons are part of what bind us together.

Today, Henderson Rowe is poised for continued growth and success. As part of Rayliant Global Advisors, we take their pioneering institutional investment research in smart beta, multi-factor and quantamental methodologies and apply this to investment solutions for our private clients. We are proud to retain our brand, identity, and deep client commitment whilst providing an exceptional level of investment expertise. This is our heritage, and we will not let it go.

We believe there will always be a place for the service-oriented investment manager. There will always be clients who want a nimble, forward-looking firm committed to cutting-edge solutions and deep personal relationships; there will always be clients who want to be serviced by a firm that understands what it means to build, grow, and lead a successful enterprise. For as long as those clients are around, Henderson Rowe will be here to serve them.

Henderson Rowe is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Rayliant Global Advisors. The firm is not affiliated with any other entities operating within or outside of the United Kingdom.

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