Investment Management

We specialise in delivering institutional-quality quantitative investment strategies to high net worth and professional clients.

We structure and manage tax optimised portfolios across General Investment Accounts (GIA), ISAs and Self-Invested Pension Plans (SIPP) for high net worth Private Clients.

Our portfolio construction process employs the Core-Satellite concept used by all major pension and sovereign wealth funds.

We specialise in delivering institutional-quality quantitative investment strategies to high net worth and professional clients.

Applying Core-Satellite Approach :

We take investing to a new level by introducing Machine Learning and Big Data into our investment selection process :

  • Our models are trained in a universe of ~ 80,000 stocks, over a period of ~ 35 years.
  • Our algorithms capture complex interactions among many ‘pieces of the puzzle’
  • Our process is built on a foundation of behavioural science and fundamental insight

Company Fundamentals

Example : R&D Mispricing

Reflects retail investors’ systematic undervaluation of future benefits of R&D, unduly penalising companies for the hit to current income

Behaviour of Corporate Insiders

Example : Management Overconfidence

Exploits retail investor overestimation of benefits of high plowback into projects with low return on equity, resulting from managers’ overconfidence

Behaviour of Other Market Participants

Example : Lottery Stocks

Identifies stocks with lottery-like payoffs (i.e., skewed recent returns), for which risk-seeking retail investors are known to overpay, resulting in overpricing

Henderson Rowe’s global research capability ensures proper portfolio diversification, avoiding the home country bias and other common issues that plague UK investor portfolios. When using ETFs to obtain particular exposures, we focus on selecting the right ETFs and the right weights. We do not rely on market timing, which takes bold risk for an uncertain reward.

At the end of the day, we understand that sustained performance is rarely driven by a lucky market call or stock pick. In reality, the biggest driver of performance for most investors is simply to avoid basic mistakes that are, unfortunately, too common – even among professional asset managers. At Henderson Rowe, we want clients to understand how their assets are managed, and to have confidence that decisions are being made well and for the right reasons. We want to provide transparency, service and education to create enhanced alignment. And we want clients to have peace of mind during periods of volatility because they know their investments are being managed based on institutional quality research. Over time, we expect other managers will follow our lead – and that will be good for the entire industry.

Portfolio Lending

A simple and tax-efficient way to raise funds without liquidating your portfolio. Our Portfolio Lending service allows you to access short term liquidity to cover expenses such as CAPEX projects, bridging finance for a property transaction, school fees or to cover tax liabilities. Our Portfolio Lending facility minimum size is £200k and the minimum term is one month. We can provide loans in Sterling, US Dollars, Euros or Swiss Franc.

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Consolidated Investment

Our clients can consolidate all their financial assets under one roof. Consolidated Investment Reporting service gives you and your family a complete view of your wealth. Our clients are able to easily determine available liquidity and review their household asset allocations.

Our fully qualified team can help you consolidate your assets and provide advice toward managing them. Henderson Rowe online client portal system aggregates all your investment information across public and private assets. We will work with your accountants and IFAs to obtain quarterly valuations to give you a holistic and accurate view of your wealth.

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Inheritance Tax
Portfolio Service

Henderson Rowe’s IHT Portfolio can help investors mitigate the effects of inheritance tax by reducing their IHT liability. This service does not require a complex trust setup and does not require a seven-year wait for the tax relief to take effect. The portfolio invests in AIM-listed stocks chosen using the same, institutional-quality, quantitative and fundamental signals developed to manage our core portfolios.

The IHT portfolio service is a high-risk product and requires financial and tax advice.

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Complex Foreign
Exchange Transactions

Whether you need to transfer the proceeds of your international property sale, fund your overseas investments, manage your firm’s cash flow or mitigate currency risk, we can offer institutional quality foreign exchange execution service and bank-beating rates.

  • Institutional, bank-beating rates
  • FX across 30 currencies
  • Transparent pricing
  • Same day payment
  • Your Investment Manager as a point of contact and execution
  • Global Tier-1 banks mitigating counterparty risk

List of currencies :