Ben Ashby, MBA

Chief Investment Officer

As Chief Investment Officer, Ben works closely with Jason Hsu and Phil Wool on the research and implementation of Rayliant’s investment strategies into Henderson Rowe’s portfolios. Ben also coordinates with Rayliant’s Investment team—leveraging their latest data science techniques to further the investment objectives of institutional and private clients.

Previously, Ben held a Managing Director position in JPMorgan’s Chief Investment Office, which oversees the bank’s own long-term investments. Prior to JPMorgan, Ben was Managing Director and Head of European Credit Research at HSBC where he focused on fixed income, currency, commodity, and multi-asset research. Ben first started his career in emerging markets whilst working with Credit Suisse First Boston.

As an expert in complex investment and risk analysis, Ben has extensive experience dealing with troubled asset portfolios and the major financial crises of the last 25 years—including the Asia/Emerging Markets Crisis of ’97-’98, the Dotcom Bust and the Global Financial Crisis. In 2006, he rightly flagged up concerns about the US sub-prime market in research notes to clients. Ben regularly contributes opinion pieces for Bloomberg, Nikkei Asia and the Chartered Institute of Financial Analysts.

Ben is also Partner at Good Governance Capital, a firm that provides strategic advice and capital raising assistance to growth-stage companies, primarily to firms in the £10-50m market that are underserved by larger advisers.

In addition to earning a BSc and MA, Ben holds a MBA from the University of Cambridge. Currently, Ben is sharpening his data science skills via coursework with Harvard University. Ben sits on the Board of Advisors for the Center for Financial History at the University of Cambridge. He also co-heads the CFA UK’s working group on the ‘Future of Money’ and is Treasurer for Kent County Rugby Union. Ben also served 9 years in the Territorial Army as a Forward Observation Officer for the Honourable Artillery Company.

Outside of work Ben enjoys refereeing rugby and mountain biking.