Strategies for your family’s financial future

Henderson Rowe focuses on investor outcomes by leveraging expertise in global markets and factor-based research to develop multi-asset strategies and build dynamic asset allocation models. This disciplined, repeatable process powers our comprehensive asset allocation solutions.

Henderson Rowe’s strategies are based on a deep understanding of how to design, implement and integrate smart beta and quantitative-active strategies into an investor’s portfolio. Our quant-based cores are then supplemented by on-the-ground, high-conviction stock selections, which are designed to add fundamental-driven excess return on top of “core” smart beta or quantitative-active portfolios. This “quantamental” process blends the benefits of both passive and active investing.

With respect to asset allocation, Henderson Rowe’s global research capability ensures proper portfolio diversification, avoiding the home country bias and other common issues that plague UK investor portfolios. When using ETFs to obtain particular exposures, we focus on selecting the right ETFs and the right weights. We do not rely on market timing, which takes bold risk for an uncertain reward. In some portfolios, adding alternatives like REITs and commodities can provide inflation protection and greater diversification.

At the end of the day, we understand that sustained performance is rarely driven by a lucky market call or stock pick. In reality, the biggest driver of performance for most investors is simply to avoid basic mistakes that are, unfortunately, too common – even among professional asset managers. At Henderson Rowe, we want clients to understand how their assets are managed, and to have confidence that decisions are being made well and for the right reasons. We want to provide transparency, service and education to create enhanced alignment. And we want clients to have peace-of-mind during periods of volatility because they know their investment are being managed based on institutional quality research. Over time, we expect other managers will follow our lead – and that will be good for the entire industry.