Balanced solutions to meet your goals

Unlike some larger firms, Henderson Rowe can provide balanced solutions for clients to meet their individual Tier 1 investment objectives. This includes Home Office-compliant portfolios that reflect various time constraints, risk tolerance, individual aims and objectives. Henderson Rowe will work closely with your immigration adviser throughout the period of the investment, characterising a service that we believe sets us apart from our competitors. We encourage potential Tier 1 investors to contact us for further information.


Climate Shift: Mitigating Risk for Tier 1 Investors

In this webinar, Investment Managers John Whick and Kevin Reid examine the current trends and potential solutions for Tier 1 investors. Dr. Phil Wool, Head of Investment Solutions joined the session to discuss the investment challenges facing Tier 1 Visa investors.


Tier 1 Update: Home Office Releases Q2 Managed Migration Data

Our Investment Manager Kevin Reid summarizes new data released this week by the Home Office on UK Tier 1 Investor Visas, examining how the data has changed and what might be in store post-COVID.


How Will COVID-19 Affect the Tier 1 Visa?

Tier 1 visa investors face additional hurdles in a COVID-19 world. John Whick, Senior Investment Manager and Tier 1 Specialist at Henderson Rowe, discusses our systemic approach to assist you with these challenges.


Perspectives on Tier 1 Investor Visa Scandal

The Times of London recently reported that the Tier 1 investor visa program is being exploited by foreign millionaires. John Whick, our Senior Investment Manager specializing in Tier 1 investor portfolios, offers his perspectives on this shocking news.


Understanding Tier 1 Investor Visas

Recent changes to the Tier 1 investor visa program are good news for those pursuing a UK Investor Visa. In our latest Q&A, Senior Investment Manager John Whick elaborates on these changes and the opportunities for potential clients.


Updates to Tier 1 Visas

Changes in the Tier 1 Investor visa program have reflected the evolving investment landscape. Click below to listen to John Whick, our Head of Investor Visa Services, talking about the recent changes to program’s continuing appeal.