16 April 2021

Keep Your Portfolio In Play

Comparing one's annual investment return from your own personal trading account against the portfolio run by a professional is a tempting exercise. Even with great near-term performance, should investors expect to be ahead of the professionals after ten years? Dom Wright looks into the historical research for answers.
8 March 2021

International Women’s Day

As we observe International Women’s Day at Henderson Rowe, we celebrate the women who contribute to our business. Here we share their experiences and perspectives on life, work and parenting whilst working in the investment management field.
26 February 2021

Replay: Virtual Investor Lunch (25 Feb 2021)

In our 3rd virtual investor lunch for clients and guests, Head of Client Services, Dom Wright hosted Chairman & CIO, Dr. Jason Hsu of Rayliant Global Advisors, the parent company of Henderson Rowe.
18 February 2021

What Women Want From Investment

On average, women live longer, earn less than men and make up only a small proportion of investment participants. Maureen Kirwan, Investment Operations Manager at Henderson Rowe, explores women’s seeming reluctance to invest and what the investment industry could do to address this imbalance.
22 January 2021

Leadership in Financial Services, and Our Value to Society

The Transparency Task Force aims to raise awareness and fix the terrible lack of trust in financial services. In this article, Charles Astor highlights how the founding principles of our firm are designed to restore trust in the financial services while adding value to society.
18 January 2021

Quarterly Commentary Winter 2020

In 2020, a black swan disrupted the global economy, pushed macroeconomic policy to extremes, and spurred a growth rally that saw amateur investors handily beating the pros. How do markets sit as we enter a new year?
9 December 2020

Quarterly Commentary Autumn 2020

As we hurtle through the final quarter of a very strange year, how are surging cases of COVID-19, rising political uncertainty, and major shifts in economic policy impacting investors and markets?
22 October 2020

Replay: Virtual Investor Lunch (22 Oct 2020)

With Coronavirus remaining a threat, Henderson Rowe hosted its second Virtual Investor Lunch on 22nd October 2020. Guests used Zoom to hear from our parent company, Rayliant Global Advisors' Head of Investment Solutions, Professor Phil Wool. Questions from the floor were choreographed by our Senior Investment Manager, Dom Wright.
5 October 2020

Brexit & Bank Accounts: What are the Alternatives for Expats?

As negotiations between Britain’s banks and politicians drag on, UK expats are left wondering how to safely look after their financial matters.