28 July 2022

Who Would Make the Best Prime Minister?

Henderson Rowe's Head of Investments, Ben Ashby, examines some of the challenges faced by the next British Prime Minister. Faced with two unappealing choices, neither seems to offer the sort of strategic vision required. Yet as Sunak’s campaign stalls, it confirms our belief much of it was style over substance.
19 July 2022

Quarterly Commentary Summer 2022

Stagflation fear sent stocks into a bear market in Q2, while bonds tanked as the Fed debated a full-point rate hike after June’s jarring 9.1% rise in US CPI. How might the fight against inflation unfold in the second half?
19 April 2022

Quarterly Commentary Spring 2022

March marked ‘lift-off’ for the Fed, which commenced tightening, hiking rates a quarter-point. With Russia’s invasion of Ukraine shocking energy markets and COVID shutting down Shanghai, is a soft landing at risk?
15 February 2022

Quarterly Commentary Winter 2021

Red-hot inflation going into 2022 has pulled forward the Fed’s timetable for tightening, just as a surge in Omicron cases threatens to hit growth. How will markets react to rate hikes in the year ahead?
28 October 2021

Quarterly Commentary Autumn 2021

Shipping bottlenecks and strained supply chains contributed to a spike in prices during Q3. Will hawkish central bankers end the party for stock and bond investors, or might such fears turn out to be ‘transitory’, as well?
3 August 2021

Replay: Virtual Investor Lunch (29 July 2021)

In our 4th virtual investor lunch, Dr. Phil Wool, Head of Investment Solutions of our parent company Rayliant, joins to share how his team uses big data and machine learning to navigate global markets.
22 July 2021

Quarterly Commentary Summer 2021

Global economic rebound from the pandemic sent stocks, bonds, and commodities soaring in the second quarter. Could a big jump in prices and the prospect of rising rates put a year-long rally at risk?
2 June 2021

The Importance of Culture in Today’s Investment Management Experience

John Whick, Senior Investment Manager at Henderson Rowe sits down with Board Member (Non-Executive), Asher Ailey for a discussion on culture's evolving role in investment management. Asher is the Chief Administrative Officer and General Counsel for Research Affiliates, a California-based firm that is recognized as a global leader in smart beta and asset allocation.
21 April 2021

Quarterly Commentary Spring 2021

Vaccine rollouts and improving sentiment have prompted market rotation to start the year. With stretched stock valuations, turbulent bond markets, and flashes of inflation, how will reopening and recovery play out?