Investor Education

30 January 2020

Why Healthy Teams Deliver Better Returns

In his first blog post, our Senior Investment Manager John Whick explores why healthy teams deliver better returns and what a positive firm culture means for clients.
29 January 2020

Equity Investing is a Zero-Sum Game: Understanding Behavioural Bias

Stefan Cooksammy explains that institutional investors consistently outperform retail investors. To understand why – and how to use this knowledge to your financial advantage – you must first understand that equity investing is a zero-sum game.
3 January 2020

Why Private Clients Need Institutional-Quality Solutions

In his first LinkedIn blog post, our Investment Manager, Kevin Reid, explores what institutions typically employing investment strategies and professionals that are far superior to those used by retail clients looks like in reality.
30 December 2019

Understanding Volatility and Risk-Adjusted Returns

In his first blog post, Investment Manager, Thomas Simpson, explores how private investors can adopt a more institutional approach to volatility.
13 November 2019

10 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Investment Manager

There are many beliefs that people hold when it comes to investing, but sometimes they do not always deliver the best outcomes. From reacting to news and forecasts to letting fees influence fund picking, here are 10 insights that clients can arm themselves with to be better investors.