Investor Education

23 June 2020

Parliamentary Session: Active vs. Passive

In his second blog post, our Investment Manager, Thomas Simpson hosts his own parliamentary session to debate active versus passive investment management through key lessons for investors.
3 June 2020

Beware the Miracle Managers

COVID-19 caused global stock markets to crater in Q1 2020. In recent weeks, amid a modest recovery, a narrative took hold in the financial press of “buy the dip”, which beg the questions; “Is it possible to time the market?” and “Should I have my money managed by a fund manager with this skill?”
25 March 2020

Flash v. Substance: Investment Awards That Matter

In his first blog post, our Senior Investment Manager Dom Wright says, “The UK wealth management business is rife with a glamour that often obscures a lack of substance”. Which investment awards matter?
23 March 2020

Our Response to Market Turbulence

Artur Baluszynski, our Head of Research, provides an insight to the different segments of client portfolios amidst the Covid-19 "stay at home" crisis.
16 March 2020

How Does Our Strategy Deal with Big Market Sell-offs?

Artur Baluszynski, Head of Research at Henderson Rowe and Dr Phil Wool, Head of Investment Solutions at Rayliant, answer the most frequently asked question amidst Covid-19; How does our strategy deal with big market sell-offs?
11 March 2020

How to Select a Quality Investment Manager

Investment prowess is simply at odds with human nature. So how can investors protect themselves from…themselves? Our Senior Investment Manager, Neil Cockerill, offers five crucial tips on selecting a quality investment manager.
10 March 2020

Responding to Stock Market Crashes

Professor Jason Hsu offers five key lessons from his experience and research following Covid-19's effect on global stock markets.
25 February 2020

Don’t Quarantine Your Portfolio: Chinese Stocks’ Reaction to Coronavirus

Not all investors are immune to fears caused by the coronavirus, and the market’s reaction need not be rational. The team at Rayliant Global Advisors share their analysis on Chinese stocks’ response in the initial weeks of the outbreak.
10 February 2020

It’s Getting Better All the Time: 40 years of Lessons

Patrick Donovan has experienced industry advancement since the days of rotary telephones, telex machines and the ‘Belgian dentist’. Here he explains how his early revelation-turned-conviction in low-cost ETFs and evidence-based investing helped shape the firm today.