1 July 2020

Ana Diaz named among Management Today’s and Accenture’s Annual List of ’35 Women Under 35’

Henderson Rowe's Director and Head of Operations Ana Diaz was named to Management Today's 2020 list of ‘35 Women Under 35’ highlighting Britain's brightest young business leaders. Ana has an unwavering commitment to our clients and is an exceptional role model to women and minorities who aspire to advance their own careers in finance.
10 June 2020

Is Global Monetary Policy Going From Divergence to Convergence Again

Are negative rates the “new normal” as central banks head towards rate-cutting or more QE? Our Head of Research, Art Baluszynski, discusses global monetary policy and whether it's going from divergence to convergence again.
6 February 2020

Five Big Trends for 2020: Reshaping Investment Management

2020 will set the stage for various developments to reshape the investment management industry. Our Head of Research, Art Baluszynski, explores 5 big trends poised to change the status quo, from better transparency to the rise of active ETFs.
4 November 2019

What a German recession means for the rest of Europe

The German engine has slowed, growing at its lowest annual rate (August 2018 to July 2019) since the 2011 euro crisis. Our Head of Research, Art Baluszynski, explains what a recession in Germany means for the rest of Europe.
22 October 2019

Trade wars: A pause or is the end in sight?

In this article for Investment Week our Head of Research Art Baluszynski said that as long as the US economy stays strong, Trump's administration will continue to impose tariffs on China, no matter the consequences for the rest of the world
3 October 2019

How Retail Investors Can Make the Most of Emerging Markets

Our Head of Research, Art Baluszynski, explains in a recent Money Observer article how consistent Emerging Market returns may be obtained from multi-factor investing.