Maureen Kirwan

25 March 2020

Flash v. Substance: Investment Awards That Matter

In his first blog post, our Senior Investment Manager Dom Wright says, “The UK wealth management business is rife with a glamour that often obscures a lack of substance”. Which investment awards matter?
11 March 2020

How to Select a Quality Investment Manager

Investment prowess is simply at odds with human nature. So how can investors protect themselves from…themselves? Our Senior Investment Manager, Neil Cockerill, offers five crucial tips on selecting a quality investment manager.
3 January 2020

Why Private Clients Need Institutional-Quality Solutions

In his first LinkedIn blog post, our Investment Manager, Kevin Reid, explores what institutions typically employing investment strategies and professionals that are far superior to those used by retail clients looks like in reality.
30 December 2019

Understanding Volatility and Risk-Adjusted Returns

In his first blog post, Investment Manager, Thomas Simpson, explores how private investors can adopt a more institutional approach to volatility.
22 October 2019

Trade wars: A pause or is the end in sight?

In this article for Investment Week our Head of Research Art Baluszynski said that as long as the US economy stays strong, Trump's administration will continue to impose tariffs on China, no matter the consequences for the rest of the world
3 October 2019

How Retail Investors Can Make the Most of Emerging Markets

Our Head of Research, Art Baluszynski, explains in a recent Money Observer article how consistent Emerging Market returns may be obtained from multi-factor investing.