23 June 2020

Parliamentary Session: Active vs. Passive

In his second blog post, our Investment Manager, Thomas Simpson hosts his own parliamentary session to debate active versus passive investment management through key lessons for investors.
10 June 2020

Is Global Monetary Policy Going From Divergence to Convergence Again

Are negative rates the “new normal” as central banks head towards rate-cutting or more QE? Our Head of Research, Art Baluszynski, discusses global monetary policy and whether it's going from divergence to convergence again.
3 June 2020

Beware the Miracle Managers

COVID-19 caused global stock markets to crater in Q1 2020. In recent weeks, amid a modest recovery, a narrative took hold in the financial press of “buy the dip”, which beg the questions; “Is it possible to time the market?” and “Should I have my money managed by a fund manager with this skill?”
18 May 2020

Investing Through a Crisis: The Importance of Value & Quality

In this webinar, Investment Manager Dom Wright has an in-depth discussion with Rayliant Global Advisors' Head of Investment Solutions Phillip Wool about our recent equity rebalance of client portfolios and the geopolitical complications of COVID-19.
2 April 2020

Perspective on a Pandemic: Investing and COVID-19

In this webinar, our colleagues Jason Hsu and Phil Wool shared their perspectives on the current COVID-19 pandemic, covering macroeconomic consequences, the affects on financial markets and what investors should do in these turbulent
23 March 2020

Our Response to Market Turbulence

Artur Baluszynski, our Head of Research, provides an insight to the different segments of client portfolios amidst the Covid-19 "stay at home" crisis.
16 March 2020

How Does Our Strategy Deal with Big Market Sell-offs?

Artur Baluszynski, Head of Research at Henderson Rowe and Dr Phil Wool, Head of Investment Solutions at Rayliant, answer the most frequently asked question amidst Covid-19; How does our strategy deal with big market sell-offs?
10 March 2020

Responding to Stock Market Crashes

Professor Jason Hsu offers five key lessons from his experience and research following Covid-19's effect on global stock markets.
28 February 2020

Quarterly Commentary Winter 2019

The US-China trade war, low interest rates, taxing US tech giants… Read all about it in our newly released quarterly commentary – including how the year-end snowy heights came straight at equity investors in a truly monster Santa Rally.