The Right Honourable the Lord Cecil Parkinson PC


We learn of the death of our friend and Chairman Lord Cecil Parkinson with great sadness.

Cecil became our Chairman when we were a tiny business with £18m in client assets and helped us grow to our present £410m. He was always incredibly generous with his time and his advice and insights were unfailingly down to earth, penetrating and valuable. Cecil never missed a board meeting and was a regular speaker, indeed the main attraction, at our investor lunches. This continued with great courage through his illness. He last spoke at one of our client meetings on 9th October 2015, and remained an active board member to the very end.

Cecil played a major part in Margaret Thatcher’s achievements, which he summarized to us as “Taking on and breaking the power of Britain’s two main vested interests, the City and the Unions, enabling six million people to own their own homes for the first time and nine million people to own shares for the first time.”

It has been an honour to have worked with Lord Parkinson as our Chairman. Our thoughts are with his family, Ann, Mary, Emma and Joanna, to whom he was devoted. We will miss him greatly.

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