• The past performance of investments is not a guide to future performance and there is no guarantee that the objectives of the investment will be met. Any indications of future performance in this promotion are not based on and do not refer to simulated past performance and are based on reasonable assumptions supported by objective data.
  • Some investments are not readily realisable, or may become so, and investors may have difficulty in selling or realising the investment or obtaining reliable information on the value or risks associated with the investment.
  • Changes in exchange rates may also have an adverse effect on the value of the security independent of the performance of the company. International businesses can have complex currency exposures.
  • We invest in and advise on actively selected stocks, as well as passive and, to a lesser extent, actively managed funds, because we believe these offer a transparent and effective way of investing. However, we do not look at a number of other products that may be suitable for you, and, therefore, classify ourselves as restricted under FCA guidelines.

Information contained in this financial promotion has been obtained from sources, which we believe to be reliable and accurate. Whilst all reasonable care has been taken to ensure the facts stated and the opinions given are fair, neither Henderson Rowe nor any partner, officer or employee shall be in any way responsible for the contents.




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